They Call Her Beauty Babe

“When I see good skin, I want to feature just that ~ flawless skin. Less is definitely more, when it comes to makeup.” I am reclined in a beauty salon chair, and the woman working my face over with feather light swooshes of a silky makeup brush looks remarkably like a grown up version […]

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Valentine’s Day: Single Girl’s Survival Guide

It’s here. The big, cheesy, heart-shaped, sugar-coated, red-wearing Hallmark holiday that celebrates all things couples. The men folk are running around in a frenzy, price of roses doubles and storefronts appear the color of Pepto. Gag me, am I right? Maybe. But let’s be honest, just like any other woman, I love feeling special. […]

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Healthy New Year

Now, that the holidays are over, we are all facing our New Year resolutions. Many people around the globe have made decisions to lead healthier lifestyles. I don’t know about you, but during these dreary months I need all the help I can get to stick to my resolutions. Fortunately, the plant kingdom offers […]

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Spice It Up!

As the holidays approach, consider giving spices as gifts to those in your life who enjoy cooking or even those who are novices in the kitchen.  Having a fully stocked spice cabinet will inspire them to experiment in the kitchen.  And if you play your cards right, you could be on the guest list […]

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Thanksgiving Timeline Reduces Stress

The holidays are imminent, y’all…

As I woke up on Monday before Thanksgiving last year, I realized my holiday spirit was missing.  That just wouldn’t do with people bound to arrive at my home the following Thursday.  This is my favorite holiday and I needed to put things in perspective very quickly.  No time to […]

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Stock Your Pantry Right

“I hate people who are not serious about meals. It is so shallow of them.” ~ Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest
Sir Wilde hit it right on the nose. Anything worth doing is worth doing well, to the best of one’s abilities. That is especially true of cooking. And any cook worth their […]

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Go Unscented

Any room, however humble, is brightened up by beautiful flowers. And anyone, and I mean ANYONE, looks great in candlelight. Flowers and candles are fixtures of any occasion, and rightfully so. However, if your occasion includes delicious food and delicate wines, consider your choices carefully.

Fragrant centerpieces and scented candles can ruin the most talented chef’s […]

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Give Feedback

In my previous article Fame & Price Tag Are No Guarantee I wrote about my not so stellar experience at one of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the world. I don’t live my life with regrets, and I do not regret dining there. But unfortunately one thought haunts me to this day. What would […]

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Poof! It’s Gone…

We have all been there… Cocktail party. Room full of boisterous people, mingling. You try to stay out of the way, but inevitably, you get bumped and jostled. Someone runs into you, and your red wine goes cascading out of your glass right onto…your white dress, your date’s freshly pressed shirt, the host’s cream […]

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Great Cake Rebellion

Wedding season is in full swing, people! BUT… I don’t like wedding cake. That is no secret (see my previous article Let Them Eat Tarts!). I can hardly be alone in my aversion to run-of-the-mill wedding cake, right? So, I looked into it. By the power vested in me by the Almighty Google, I do […]

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